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Welcome to Tree Removal, Trimming Services!


Worker trimming limbs off a walnut tree.

Welcome to the internet home of Tree Removal, Trimming Services. We’re one of the leading arbor care services in the area and we are eager to help you out with any tree care that you may need. We’ve included a lot of information on this website to answer all of your questions. We’ve got pages dedicated to our services as well as some background information on our company. Additionally, you’ll be able to find out how to contact us on this website.

On this front page in particular, we just want to explain to you what serving and doing business with you means to us. You’ll also find some words from our customers about how they feel about our service and our commitment to them.

Serving You: Our Mission

While every company claims that friendliness and good service to you is their top priority, it is safe to say that that is often not the case. We’ve all dealt with companies who have less than friendly service, who do a bad job, or worse, both.

Here at Tree Removal, Trimming Services, our philosophy is that while service and business are extremely important, they are only several components in a customer-company relationship. We realized long ago that above all, we need to have your well being and your interests in mind. As a result, not only will we get the job done right, but we will also provide friendly and attentive service along the way.

Additionally, we know that everyone does not have a huge budget to to tree trimming or tree removal. As a result, we have developed a system where we can still do quality work within your budget. Ultimately, we have your satisfaction and your well being in mind. That is our top priority here at Tree Removal, Trimming Services.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Our service has garnered somewhat of a reputation in the area for both quality work and friendliness. We value what our customers think about us and have included some of their words on this page so you can get a feel for what we are doing here in the area.

John M.

“In all my years of working with plumbers, electricians, contractors, tree removers, and other tradesmen, I have not experienced anything quite like the kind of genuine and friendly service that Tree Removal, Trimming Services offers. They’ve got the nicest people in town and even in this half of the state.

I needed to get some trees removed on my property so that I could install a trampoline for my kids. After much deliberation with my wife, we finally settled on a spot in the backyard that we thought would be good for the trampoline. I then contacted Tree Removal, Trimming Services and they came out the very next day to survey the property and give me a quote. I was amazed at how low the price was and figured that was probably because they’d do a bad job. I could not have been more mistaken! They did everything perfectly and am very satisfied. Thanks guys!”



We’ve got affiliates all over the country–we’ve listed them here. If you know someone in one of these areas who needs help with trees, have them contact one of the companies linked below!

Lawton –

Longview –

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