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About TRTS

Cutting Tree Branch


You’ve reached the official website for Tree Removal, Trimming Services. Thanks for visiting us here on the web! On this website, you will find out a little bit about our services, our mission to our customers, and how we got started here at this company.

Our Story

The Beginning

In retrospect, we have to admit that we should have seen it coming. When we were fresh out of college, we were young strapping lads with forestry degrees looking to make some money and pay off our student loans. We brainstormed for several things that we were looking to do to earn some money in a destitute post grad life. What we ended up deciding on was opening a small landscaping business in which we would plant some small shrubs and trees.

As we began to plant trees on peoples’ properties, we began to get some requests to trim some of the branches so that people could still see the landscape outside of their windows. Obviously, we obliged and began to do some branch trimming and tree removal. This part of our business began to grow immensely. Soon we were driving all over the area doing small time stump grinding and other arbor care services.

Finally, at long last, we decided to become a dedicated tree care and service company. We’ve since hired on a lot of other people who were in the same boat as we were after graduation. Now, our company has received rave reviews from satisfied customers. We plan to bring great service to all of the area for years to come!